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موقعیت مکانی تهران، تهران
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We are looking for an AI researcher to help us find new solutions to modern financial modeling, risk analysis, and innovate new mathematical models to help gain better insights into the market.


· Support the lead technologist and Machine learning Engineer to develop and implement deep neural network models.

· Help identify new data science methods worth exploring, determine the processes and techniques by which we could use them for story development

· Performing research/investigation pertaining to the development and evaluation of new (and existing) techniques, algorithms, and processes for machine learning-based analytics

· Creating and testing production-level prototypes and/or experimental models related to the use cases for the applications mentioned above

· Generating technical reports, charts, graphs, and other relevant documents to support productization of the prototypes/models

· Advising senior research and management teams on various aspects of his/her work

· Identifying and applying problem-solving skills in addressing scientific and business challenges of interest to the company


· PHD or MS in computer science or a related discipline

· Demonstrates and applies a broad knowledge of machine and deep learning through successful completion of moderately complex assignments

· Familiar with fundamental concepts, practices, and principles of software development, version control, and scalable infrastructure/platforms

· Demonstrates strong hands-on experience in programming (Python, C++)

· Able to work well as an individual contributor and within a multidisciplinary team

· Provide general guidance or train support and/or professional staff, including interns

مهارت ها

  • c++
  • researcher
  • python

اطلاعات شرکت

شرکت مهندسی توسعه فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات پیشرو (سیتکس) از سال ۱۳۷۸ فعالیت خود را در زمینه تولید نرم‌افزارها و سخت‌افزارهای اتوماسیون اداری با هدف تجهیز و ارتقای سازمان‌ها، ادارات، شرکت‌ها و مراکز آموزشی، به فناوری روز IT آغاز نمود. این شرکت با همکاری تعدادی از فارغ‌التحصیلان مهندسی نرم‌افزار دانشگاه تهران و بکارگیری کارشناسان متخصص و مسئول اغاز بکار نمود و ارزش‌هایی چون مشتری‌مداری، ارائه محصول با کیفیت، خلاقیت و نوآوری و همگامی با آخرین پیشرفت‌های فناوری اطلاعات را سرلوحه کار خود قرار داد.

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