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As a member of the TGBSco blockchain development team, you must have a deep understanding of EOS Blockchain concepts and be responsible for helping deliver high-quality Blockchain architecture projects on time and within budget.


We are a very well-structured and distributed Software Development Agency, very active in game industry. We are looking for an ambitious blockchain developer to join our talented multi-disciplinary team as the company continues to grow.

With recent global interest in our Cutting-edge product, we are locking for someone who has experience in developing Unity/Unreal Engines. We are looking for personality and mindset as well as skills. We want passionate coders who love technology, games and want a career, not just a role.


This person will report directly to the Head of Technology and work alongside Project Managers, Developers, Creatives and the Founders to deliver a range of solutions. It’s an extremely collaborative environment and will see you taking on a key role within this small but growing team. You will provide technical production and development skills across numerous national and global projects. They’re a great bunch, full of enthusiasm and team spirit. Somebody with ambition and hunger to learn will make real progress here.


What we’re looking for in you:

· 3-5 years of Unity experience (3D games)

· Knowledge of (and ability to use) multiple programming languages including C#

· Cross Platform development, including Android, iOS, Web, Desktop is a solid plus

· Android Studio and/or XCode knowledge would be great

· The ability to design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code

· Loves working with the team to get the most out of the game and its features

· Interest for the fun part of games combined with a commercial view

· Wanting to be part of the process of thinking of new features

· Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools like GIT

· Experience with translating design specifications into a functional game (feature)

· You have a healthy pragmatic attitude, “being smart, getting things done”

· You like an informal but professional atmosphere

· Initiative is your middle name

مهارت ها

  • game development
  • blockchain
  • git

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