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موقعیت مکانی قم، قم
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The Product Manager, Growth will work with hundreds of Thousands of existing Basalam customers to grow their engagement with Basalam using scalable channels. You will be responsible for the entire funnel—from new user acquisition all the way through customer retention and expansion and increasing engagement and conversions throughout the customer lifecycle.  We are data-driven in everything we do: we carefully test and measure all of our communications, running dozens of tests at any point in time. You should ensure that the right customer will receive the right message through the right channel at the right time. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of growth strategy, analytics, and marketing and have a track record of strong cross-functional coordination. They should also possess exceptional analytical and communication skills.


Build a dedicated, cross-functional team

Responsible for growth at Basalam for the cycle of acquisition, activation, retention, and reactivation of users

Caring about CAC & ROI

Work with other cross-functional teams and product and marketing managers to create acquisition and retention strategies

Oversee the entire engine from lead generation through to monetization and retention

Rely on a series of short-term experiments to incrementally improve and increase efficiencies throughout the funnel. improve marketing and product experiences,

Use data to get to the truth & evaluate challenges through data and feel an experiment must have measurable results to be worthwhile

Focus on improving a specific business metric or commercial goal.

hone in on one specific problem, form hypotheses, run experiments, and move the needle until they’ve optimized the number.


A BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience

5+ years professional experience

3+ years working in a growth/product marketing capacity or similar analytical experience

Previous background in Marketplace and C2C marketing, preferably with exposure to both small and large businesses

Strong quantitative analytical ability and excellent written and oral communication skills

Comfort in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, start-up environment

Genuine interest in and curiosity about Community and Platforms

Have a track record of strong cross-functional coordination

Strong Marketing & Data Driven Team Building & Managing

Strong dynamic cross-functional team leading

Strong project management and people management skills

Have passion for building and improving products that unlock value for people

Being adaptable and flexible

Crave results as quickly as possible

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

experience in digital product management, or product marketing with some understanding of consumer research, product strategy and online promotion

naturally curious, skeptical, and analytical

a data-driven, almost scientific approach to any challenge


مهارت ها

  • cac
  • growth hacking
  • product development
  • product management
  • roi

اطلاعات شرکت

باسلام یک استارتاپ اینترنتی است که تولیدکننده‌های کوچک و بزرگ از سراسر ایران در آن یک صفحه اختصاصی می‌سازند و کالاهای‌شان را برای فروش عرضه می‌کنند. مردم بدون واسطه کالاها را از تولیدکننده‌ها می‌خرند و علاوه بر این مانند یک شبکه اجتماعی با همدیگر در ارتباط قرار می‌گیرند. باسلام اختراع دوباره‌ای از مفهوم بازار است. این بازار اجتماعی در حال حاضر با هزاران مشتری و بیش از 1000 صفحه غرفه فعال در حال توسعه با نرخ رشدی بالاست.
تیم باسلام یک تیم 30 نفره پرنشاط، پرهیجان و جوان است.
برای استفاده از سایت لطفا از مرورگر کروم استفاده کنید.
باز کردن کروم
دریافت کروم
نه بعدا
برای استفاده از سایت لطفا مرورگرتان را بروزرسانی کنید.
به روز رسانی
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