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موقعیت مکانی تهران، تهران
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Job Summary

The Marketing Automation And Retention Specialist will be responsible for assisting in the creation and deployment of our email marketing, push notifications, SMS, and other retention initiatives. Your role will include creating and deploying email communications utilizing personalization, segmentation , creating automation journeys and best practices. Additionally, you will assist in the creation of automated nurturing paths that support organizational initiatives.


· Assist in the creation, deployment and analysis of our email marketing, push, SMS and automation journeys

· Build transactional and custom automated journeys based off business needs

· Leverage best practices to build engaging email templates that are mobile-friendly and responsive

· Assist in the management of subscriber data, email lists and segmentation

· Proactively monitor and analyze key email metrics

· Execute and provide A/B testing recommendations on emails, landing pages and forms

· Work with product team in deploying channel initiatives from strategy to execution.


· 3 or more years’ experience with email marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation

· Demonstrated knowledge of standard nurturing concepts. Welcome, Re-Engagement, Etc…

· Knowledge of HTML/CSS and how it pertains to email creation.

· The ability to troubleshoot display issues in various email clients

· Strong communication skills and the ability to work in a face paced environment

· Ability to work cross-functionally with a variety of teams

· Strong problem-solving and analytical skills; able to leverage data to identify trends and performance drivers

مهارت ها

  • digital marketing
  • marketing plan
  • email marketing

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تخفیـــفان اولیـــن مجموعه ارایه خرید گروهـی و تخفیـف در ایــران است که در سال 1390 تاسیـس شد و در زمینه‌های متنوع مانند خدمات رفاهی و تفریحی، مراکز آموزشی، ورزشی، سلامت و کالا، بهترین پیشنهادهای روزانه را در اختیار کاربران قرار می‌دهد.
تخفیفان مجموعه‌ای از نیروهای توانمند و خلاق است که هیجان استفاده از یک فرصت عالی را در اختیار مشتریان قرار می‌دهد و نتیجه تلا‌ش‌های ما باعث شده همواره در جایگاه برتر ارائه خرید گروهی و تخفیف قرار داشته باشیم. دقت و سرعت از ویژگی‌های تخفیفان است.
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