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Job Description: We are looking for engaged and enthusiastic Data Scientist to join our Data team. We work on mathematical and statistical concepts and theories to collect and analyze data to support the identification of solutions to business problems by using a full spectrum of machine learning models, database design, and predictive analytics solutions. What you’ll do: You perform statistical analysis on experimental or business data to identify, validate and quantify trends or patterns based on guidance from business. You will cleanse, structure and transform data to test hypothesis, model complex systems and identify patterns. And also Prepare and analyze program/model output to allow for efficient data analysis. You conduct in-depth data analyses using traditional and statistical methods and implement algorithms and software to perform analyses. You construct predictive models, algorithms and probability engines to support data analysis or product functions; verifying model and algorithm effectiveness based on real-world results. You transform complex data into creative graphs, tables, charts and other graphics in order to present and/or share the data in a comprehensive and concise manner. You write query to filter data or join multiple data sets. Who you are: You are self -motivated to develop quickly to perform with limited supervision. You are experienced with machine learning. You have ability to develop in Python and or Scala language or R. You have experience utilizing Spark You have experience utilizing SQL and HIVE tables. You have knowledge of Machine Learning and Computational Statistics. You are familiarity with BI Visualization tools like MS PowerBI.

مهارت ها

  • scala
  • data science
  • python

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